CRASH PAD® Classic Heads


CRASH PAD® Classic heads with the Impact insert. This insert protects the motorcycle more effectively from damage in the mounting area. Available in different colors.

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The CRASH PAD® Classic – protective device with guiding properties

In order to minimize damage, our Crash Pad has been given a shock-absorbing element in the form of the Impact insert, which absorbs energy

Thanks to a design trick, the impact pad, calculated with the aid of load simulation, yields in a particularly damped manner and thus relieves the mounting and screw connection of theConstruction.
This feature protects the motorcycle more effectively from damage in the area where the crash pad is attached. In case of light slips it is usually sufficient to replace the inner part.

TheThe aluminium outer shell is made of solid aluminium and the surface has a shiny coating. The rounded contour of the crash pad head absorbs road jumps, a hook-in of the
slidingvehicle in roadway steps (manhole covers etc.) is effectively prevented. Due to the higher proportion of plastic, the weight of the outer shell could be reduced by 30 %.

As with thePrevious version, the grinding surface, which is offset from the centre of the impact, generates a strong back-torque which keeps the slipping vehicle in this direction.
The computer simulation serves ascalculation basis and illustrates the force progression in case of a fall. Many years of experience with crashes confirm this function.

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