Clutch lever Classic, short L75


Classic clutch lever, short L75 with ABE. Please select the desired color combination.

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Clutch lever Classic short The right lever length, ergonomic shape and precision fit manufacturing is a prerequisite for the optimal dosage of braking and clutch force. Easy to grip for all hand sizes, the position of the lever is adjustable in 6 detents. The support of the setting ellipse is mounted on ball bearings. The adjustment lever with its raised knob is particularly easy to grip and thus allows adjustment even while driving. The lever mechanism is mounted on durable brass bushings. The standard version of the LSL levers is made for whole hand access. The short version is best suited for well-functioning brake systems and offers space for the handle with three fingers. Both versions are supplied with ABE. Combination of all lever colors and finished assembly at LSL in house, so the combination of lever and adjuster is possible in all colors without surcharge.

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anthracite, black, blue, gold, green, red, silver

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anthracite, black, blue, gold, green, red, silver



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