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Clamps í˜28,6,+25 mm, available in different colours

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Universal X-Bar adapter 22,2mm
(identification RX25)

This adapter allows the mounting of a X-Bar handlebar (diameter 28,6mm) in the original 22,2mm clamp of the triple clamp.

material treatment: anodized
offset to top (lifting): + 25 mm
fixing: Screw connection in the original clamping blocks of the triple clamp

ACHTUNG IMPORTANT NOTE: Please checkBefore the conversion, check whether the vehicle intended for the conversion is listed in the ABE attached here!The model allocations of the LSL clamping blocks listed in the ABE have been tested for use with the standard handlebars of the vehicle.
The additionalUse of an LSL accessory handlebar is possible, but may require additional modifications to the vehicle (longer cables or trains) due to a different shape of the handlebarAlso raising the original handlebars can lead to additional changes to the vehicle.
Check whether the following conditions apply to your vehicle (-see ABE):
– Usepermissible when using a compensating pad for the triple clamp
– with 20 mm longer brake line permissible
– with 30 mm longer brake line permissible
– with LSLInstrument holder Use permitted

If this is not observed, the vehicle’s type approval expires!

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