7/8 inch steel handlebar touring handlebar L03


Touring handlebar L03, sitting upright like on the old Z 900, available in different colors

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LSL steel handlebars 7/8 inch (22.2mm)

LSL stands for outstanding handlebar quality. This is due to the company’s own choice of material and material treatment as well as the production quality of the handlebars, which has been optimized over decades.

LSL conducted its own series of tests in the 1990s to research the load on handlebars during driving and designed its own handlebars to withstand the actual load. The result is a product made of high-strength steel that combines extremely high flexural rigidity with resistance to breakage. To confirm the consistent quality, LSL regularly tests its handlebars with its own test program, which ensures the consistent quality of the handlebars.

The LSL steel handlebar has an outer diameter of 22.2 mm (7/8 inch) and a wall thickness of 2 mm (18 mm inside). The surface is high-gloss polished and chrome-plated or black KTL-coated.

The handlebars are supplied without holes for the anti-rotation protection of the switch fittings. We recommend using the LSL drilling template in order to adopt the position of the holes from the standard handlebars in the best possible way.

All LSL handlebars are supplied with ABE.
The range of models is huge and is expanded every year with new entries.
The ABE reliably documents which handlebar type fits and is approved for the motorcycle.
As a rule, the allocations in the ABE are unconditional.
However, there are also exceptions.
For example, LSL offers handlebar mounts for many models, with which you can also mount one of the X-Bar handlebars on a motorcycle with a standard 22.2 mm mount.
So take a look at the entry for your motorcycle in the ABE.
If you cannot find your vehicle in the ABE, the ABE can be used as an accompanying document for an individual approval.

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

Care instructions:
– Only use acid- and alkali-free cleaner for all handlebars and their surface variants!
– Never use in direct sunlight and do not allow the cleaner to dry out.
– Avoid contact with brake fluid, brake cleaner, oil, fuel, polishing pastes with abrasive particles, etc.; immediately absorb any dripping with a soft cloth.
– Test the compatibility of cleaning agents on an inconspicuous area before use!
– No guarantee or warranty in the event of improper cleaning and care.

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Touring handlebars

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