Clamping blocks XJR 1200/1300

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Clamping blocks XJR 1200/1300

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Clamping brackets (identification KM3) silver for standard 22,2mm handlebarssuitable for following vehicle:
XJR 1200
XJR 1300
Material: Aluminium
Material treatment: anodized
Offset:+ 25 mm or 5 mm
Fixing: at original fixing points
Dimensions: 22,2 mm Clamping

Our model specific clamping brackets are mounted at the original fixing points. On models with standard rubber mounts, this is retained. Depending on the model, the handlebar position changes from -30mm to +25mm, the value for your motorcycle is indicated under offset.
NEWNOTE IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check before the conversion whether the vehicle intended for the conversion is listed in the attached ABE!
For each vehicle there are different conditions and requirements that allow a conversion of the clamp blocks.
The model assignments of the LSL terminal blocks listed in the ABE are tested for use with the vehicle’s standard handlebar.
The additional use of an LSL accessory handlebar is possible, but may require additional modifications to the vehicle (longer cables or cables) due to a different shape of the handlebar.
The increase of the original handlebar can also lead to additional modifications to the vehicle.
Check whether the following conditions apply to your vehicle (-see ABE):
– Use permitted when using a fork bridge compensator pad
– Use permitted with 20 mm longer brake line
– Use permitted with 30 mm longer brake line
– Use permitted with LSL instrument holder

Failure to observe these conditions will void the vehicle’s operating permit!

The following articles are compatible with this product: 22.2mm Steering Steering System

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