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LSL Crash Pads have been on the market for 20 years and protect your motorcycle from damage as far as possible when tipping over or in the event of a fall.

The SlideWing is the next generation of these proven protectors.

His name is composed of the combination of the two terms Slide and Wing.
Mounted on the outside, the SlideWing serves as a crash protector in the event of a slip (slide) and has the aerodynamic function of an inverted airfoil (wing) in normal driving operation.
The winglets standing tall at its outer end, designed in shape and profile like an inverted airplane wing, give your motorcycle a very dynamic look, suitable for modern motorcycles.

To accommodate the extraordinary stress, a high-strength, glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide is used. The material of the SlideWing is dyed through and offers a perfect color quality due to the specially selected material.

The SlideWing is, like the well-known Crash Pad heads, screwed on special mounting structures.
These model-specific brackets for the SlideWing, which are similar in design to the mounting kits already developed for the crash pads by LSL, are available separately.

Scope of delivery:
– 1x SlideWing pair
– 2x aluminum cover caps for the screws of the matching mounting kit (sold separately).

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